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4 апреля 2014

Sochi three weeks after Olympics

СМИ о компании

Vestnik Kavkaza: Three weeks have passed since the Paralympic Games in Sochi. Mariya Goryachko, a docent of the subdepartment for economic and social geography of Russia of the MSU Geographic Faculty, a participant of the Studies of Impact of the Olympic Games project, emphasized that the main goal of Sochi was to build infrastructure. She reminded that the crisis in the Krasnodar Territory in 2009 had hardly been noticed, the quality of life was improving, the city was getting more energy efficient.

Vladimir Gutenev, deputy head of the Duma Committee for Industry, proposed finding balance between rejoice over success of the Games and worries about high expenses in infrastructure. He noted that the number of tourists had doubled, financial flows tripled. The legislator believes that Sochi should not only focus on Russian tourists. He reminded that the hotels built in Sochi had different profit and a pay-off in 20-30 years would not attract businessmen.

Vladimir Slobodyan, head of the Institute for Ecological Projecting and Searches, said that a lot of work had been done in Sochi at very little time given. He noted that the region had complicated ecological aspects and needed geotechnical monitoring.

Ilya Umansky, vice president of the Association of Russian Tour Operators, said that Sochi should become a resort for all people. He noted that all kinds of tourism should be developed to boost its financial progress. The expert added that formation of a gambling zone near the children’s resort in Anapa would be wrong.

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